About Carol Douglas Lyles

Seven years after charting a new path for better health and well-being, Carol Douglas Lyles knew the mission she had been given was to help others discover what she had—that there is a more excellent way to health and healing as promised in The Word. (Isaiah 53:5, I Timothy 4:8, Genesis 1:29, I Corinthians 6:19-20, I Corinthian 12:31) By walking in faith, Lyles put her trust in God to deliver her from chronic illness, which had begun to rob her of good health and quality of life. Through her prayer and faith, God allowed His Holy Spirit to guide her to each new victory.

What Lyles did not know at the time was that a business had already been chosen and named for the Holy Spirit, who had led her in making the transformation and onto His path for living (Pneu-Path for Living).

Building the various entities of parent company, Pneu-Path for Living, LLC, would require even greater faith than Lyles had exercised to begin her journey to healing and deliverance. Each new endeavor involved charting unfamiliar territory. And each step has presented another opportunity for Lyles to humble herself and draw closer to Him through His forgiving Grace and Mercy. Despite missteps along the way, the inspiration she received from the Holy Spirit has remained unchanged – to reveal His path for living with tools and resources to guide God’s people to more abundant living while giving Him Glory in ALL.