Net worth is described as the value of an individual after she has added up all she owns—home, cars, furniture, savings and investment accounts, retirement accounts—and subtracted all she owes—mortgage, car payments, and loans. The resulting number is her net worth. Not to be confused with self-worth, net worth has more to do with where a person stands financially. Self-worth is defined as how a person thinks about her usefulness or importance to the world, value as a person, or purpose in life. Self-worth and net worth are often considered the same although they are not. People often measure their self-worth based on their net worth. They think, “The more money I have, the more worth I have.” I totally disagree with that sentiment; however, I would argue that one cannot fully achieve a positive self-worth without a positive net-worth.

A positive net worth is foundational to maintaining a healthy self-esteem. In his hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow indicated that esteem and self-actualization were among patterns that human motivation runs through after the physiological, safety, and need to belong are met. When a person can provide food and shelter for herself, feels safe and secure both physically and financially, feels a sense of love and belonging, feels accepted and valued by others, and feels a sense of accomplishment, she is said to have a healthy self-esteem. The clincher here is that it takes financial resources to achieve the majority if not all of the aforementioned. It takes money to buy food and shelter which to a certain extent provides safety and helps a person to feel secure. In order to engage with others, belong and add value, and be valued it takes some level of financial resources.

A positive net worth definitely compliments, if not precedes, a healthy self-esteem. In order to strategically invest in the things of God to make the most impact for His glory, you must set a plan in motion to ensure the stability and growth of your net worth. You can do that by understanding your own self-worth and recognizing that your life has value and most importantly has a greater impact on your family and the community in which you live. Spiritually speaking, your life matters and it has purpose. God set the world in motion and gave us dominion over every living thing that moves upon the face of the earth. We are mandated to build God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. That means we will need resources, financial and otherwise, to carry out the mandate.
The Lord orders our steps. God’s divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life. He has given us great and precious promises so that through them we might participate in His divine nature and escape the corruption in this world caused by our own evil desires. As we recognize our own worth, our net worth will become increasingly more meaningful to us for the right reasons and we will implement some strategies that will help us achieve a greater net worth for the Glory of God. We will fully understand leaving a legacy for our children’s children. Not because it pleases us, but more importantly because it pleases God.

In order for lives to matter, families to be stronger, churches to be impactful, and communities to be safer, we as individuals have to be concerned about where we are financially. Most of us know that it’s not how much money you make but how much you keep that matters most anyway. Keeping that in perspective and understanding the importance of both self-worth and net worth is paramount to positively achieving either of them. While a positive net worth may not be all you need to achieve a positive self-worth, it is certainly at the very top of the must have list and it certainly can’t hurt.

By Rosalyn H. Glenn. Read more from HimPower Magazine HERE.